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--actively to promote commerce? or should it just leave the economy free to develop on its own?' these arguments, which were huge battles back then, from the point of view of today, look like minor squabbles because all of the founders, from the most radical like thomas paine to the most conservative like alexander hamilton agreed on the basic principles of government. no one--everyone agreed that government ought to be limited; that there ought to be a private sphere in which government stays out. there ought to be protection of property rights. this is something which today is questioned by the prevailing opinion of our time. c-span: what would you advise--how old's your oldest child? >> guest: susannah. c-span: how old is she? >> guest: nineteen. c-span: so she's in college? >> guest: yes. c-span: what did you advise her or would you advise her on-i--let's say that you're heading off to college and you're concerned about what your kid's going to be taught. how do you tell them to watch for bias among academics either way? >> guest: well, it so happens that this is a frequent topic around our dinner
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1